NOISEBOB ELECTRONICS mission statement, goals and aspirations in noise

we took a long break from our last round of experimental electronic circuitry tinkering and whatnot. it was an intense wave of obsessiveness that lasted for about two months and became an overwhelming mess in the end. electronics mental burnout assured.

that’s the project

what ended up as a little idea of making a weird square wave oscillator became a horrible mess. we envisioned a massive all-in-one super-ultra-mega-fucking wonder-synth (from a shitcore/noise perspective) but it amassed to nothing, the vision.

the idea, however lives on.

the weird square wave oscillator idea is still good. you make two oscillators and run them through a 4053 multiplexer/analogue switch, like so:


one of the oscillators (X0) will be on as long as there is nothing happening on pin 11, being at the state of LOW, or at 0. if shit is going on there like a HIGH signal, or 1, the chip will switch to the other oscillator (X1). pretty simple, eh?

if we add very slow square wave oscillation to that, it will be switching constantly between our two oscillators. chop chop chop cgop chopc chopchpchjp√•c cphpoc pochpochpocpochpochpcpcc.mgc.cgmcgm.c.gmm.cmmc.nmcnm…